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January 2021 Shareholder Notification

Medinah Minerals, Inc. (OTCMARKETS: MDMN) ("Company") is pleased to share the most recent news from Auryn Mining Corporation (OTCMARKETS: AUMC) with our shareholders.  January 2021-Shareholder Update.pdf Medinah Minerals, Inc. owns 16,104,200 common shares of...

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Medinah – A Recap and Look Forward

As 2017 ends we offer a summary of what has happened since we discovered the share discrepancy issues in August 2016 and we share our plan for Medinah Minerals, Inc. (Medinah) Summary of 2016 On August 23, 2016, the company reported that it had 2,996,448,498 common...

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President & CEO Resignation Announcement

September 21, 2017 — Today I respectfully submitted my resignation, effective September 24, 2017.  I recently accepted a senior position with another company which prevents me from effectively continuing as an officer and director of Medinah.

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Final Settlement Shares Processed

September 21, 2017 — Medinah Minerals, Inc. (Medinah) is pleased to report the completion of the processing of share cancellations from the settlement of its legal disputes with Okanadian Management Corp and the Price Parties.

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