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MEDINAH Discovers 15c211 Discrepancies

August 23, 2016 — On June 16, 2016, the past and present Board of Directors of MEDINAH Minerals, Inc. (OTCMARKETS: MDMN) announced the initiation of a comprehensive analysis of MEDINAH’s books and records. On August 23, 2016, MEDINAH determined that there have been ongoing share issuance discrepancies with what was reported on MEDINAH’s 15c211s regarding the actual outstanding shares. Today we contacted the SEC and FINRA and are filing formal complaints regarding these discrepancies.

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MEDINAH Retains Communications Director

July 15, 2016 — MEDINAH is pleased to announce the retaining of Kevin Tupper as interim Communications Director. Kevin will be responsible for all of MEDINAH’s internal and external communications and the technology that supports them. In addition Kevin will serve as a valuable contributor to business strategy and shareholder relations.

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MEDINAH Clarifies AURYN Sales Agreement

July 14, 2016 — Over the past many months, shareholders have raised questions regarding option agreements, memorandums of understanding, and contracts. MEDINAH would like to make several items regarding our contract with AURYN clear.

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