Medinah Minerals quotes on the OTC Markets’ Pink Sheets.  OTC Markets segments Pink companies into one of three categories:

  • Current Information
  • Limited Information
  • No Information

For several years Medinah met the requirement for Current Information under the Alternative Reporting Standard.  Unfortunately, due to the previously announced discrepancies and our legal issues with Les Price, Pamela Fitzpatrick, GXK Ventures Inc, and MMC Mines Inc, Medinah has been unable to maintain this standard.  Consequently, OTC Markets has moved us from the Current Information category to the No Information category.

Once Medinah is able to produce a quarterly report with an accurate Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Total Number of Issued and Outstanding Shares, we will file them with the OTC Markets.  At that time we expect the OTC Markets to change our category from No Information (“Stop Sign”) to Limited Information (“Yield Sign”).  We will continue to file regularly from that point and (if possible) restate some of our previous filings.  As soon as we meet the requirements, OTC Markets will move us back to the Current Information category.

Our only asset of significance is our shares in AURYN Mining Chile SpA.   Our current financial records are simple and straightforward.  In due time, Medinah should be reporting its financial condition in an accurate and timely manner with transparency and truthfulness.


Kevin Tupper
President & CEO
Medinah Minerals, Inc.