Shareholder Notification — July 15, 2016

MEDINAH is pleased to announce the retaining¬†of Kevin Tupper as interim Communications Director. Kevin will be responsible for all of MEDINAH’s internal and external communications and the technology that supports them. In addition Kevin will serve as a valuable contributor to business strategy and shareholder relations.

This is an interim position with a monthly salary of $1.00. There is no further compensation. As a long time shareholder of MEDINAH, Kevin agreed to fill this role to help MEDINAH fulfill its vision of becoming a profitable holding company without incurring any further debt or dilution.

“My goal is to ensure timely, clear, and transparent communications to MEDINAH’s shareholders while AURYN successfully explores, develops, and exploits the Altos de Lipangue mining district”, stated Kevin. “I am delighted to help the company in this way. As a 25% equity holder in AURYN, MEDINAH and its shareholders have a very bright future. “