Gary P. Goodin, Esq.

Mr. Goodin is a long time Medinah Minerals shareholder. He is a practicing Attorney with over25 years of experience. Mr. Goodin is the founding Principal of the Law Firm Goodin Orzeske &Blackwell, P.C., located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Mr. Goodin’s primary practice is in therepresentation of national and international corporations. Additionally, Mr. Goodin has vast experience in civil litigation. He is also fully legalized to represent and conduct corporate business actions in the Country of Chile. Mr. Goodin recently travelled to Chile to review legal issues, and assess MDMN mining properties, including the claims located on the Altos de Lipangue plateau.Mr. Goodin possesses Bachelor of Science, Master of Public Affairs and Juris Doctorate Degrees from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

Italo Volante Gomez

Italo Volante Gomez is an accomplished attorney based in Santiago, Chile specializing in Environmental, Corporate Safety, and Mining law. He has held several positions in governmental entities such as the Chilean Health and Environmental Agency. Additionally, he has served as Latin American Legal Director for French Carbon Credit Company, with responsibility for the expansion and development of environmental projects over most of Latin America. Mr. Volante is the President of Auryn Mining Chile S.p.A and CEO of SIGAL Chile, a subsidiary of SIGAL Peru that provides software and management services to mining, oil, and gas companies.

Raul Del Solar

Raul  Del  Solar  is the  founder  of One  Family  Office  S.A.,  an international   financial  consulting firm  specializing   in equity,  bond,  and portfolio   management,   institutional   consulting,   and trust planning.  Mr. Del Solar holds  a Bachelor  degree  in Business  Administration   from the University of Notre  Dame  in  South  Bend,  Indiana,  and  an  MBA  from  the  Thunderbird   School  of  Global Management   in Glendale,  Arizona.  Mr. Del  Solar  was born  and raised  in Lima, Peru.  He began his  25  year  career  at Vestcorp   Partners  in  1990.   After  receiving  his  MBA  he  held  different advisory  positions  with  firms  such  as the The  Americas  Trust  Bank,  Prudential   Securities   and UBS International.